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    Pet Wellness & Training

    We believe in protecting and nurturing the things you love - including the furry members of your family.  Our unique pet wellness products keep them healthy so that they can keep you happy for years.Learn more
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    Home & Garden

    You've invested a lot - time, money, memories - in your home and garden. Our environmentally-friendly line of home and garden products ensures that your investment is protected, even when you're not watching.

    Learn more

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    Industrial Products

    Looking for a specific insect lure or trap, or a bee keeping product? Our non-toxic and innovative industrial products have been protecting crops, forests, and bees for more than a decade.

    Learn more

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8:00AM to 4:30PM PST, Monday to Friday.

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  • Toll Free in North America: 1-800-767-8658
  • International: 1-250-413-3250

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When you locate a retailer, please call to verify they have the item(s) in stock. Some retailers stock our products, while others will special order it for you.

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