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Window Fly Trap & Refill

Window Fly Trap & Refill

Catch flies out of sight on the windows that attract them.  The trap is non-toxic, reusable, and the ideal alternative to pesticides and harmful chemicals.

  • No sticky mess or clean-up
  • Protection from the spread of harmful bacteria like salmonella and E. coli
  • Reusable trap mounts easily to any window
  • Includes 1 sticky card - replacement cards available separately

Buy Now $3.99 - $4.99 USD

  • How it Works

    How it Works

    Flies are attracted to the light from windows. Small slots at the top and bottom of the trap allow flies to enter the trap from the top or bottom. Once inside the trap, flies hit the lateral bar and become trapped out of sight on the sticky card.

    Contech’s Window Fly Trap mounts easily on any window and replacement sticky cards are available separately.

  • Set Up Instructions

    Set Up Instructions

        1. Remove frame and sticky card from box.
        2. Moisten suction cups.
        3. Position frame on window at least 8 inches (20 cm) above window sill, with the longest side parallel to the sill.
        4. Press frame onto window pane.
        5. Peel off release paper from sticky card.
        6. With sticky surface facing the window, align the holes in the card with frame pegs.
        7. Push card onto pegs. The trap is now set!
        8. Replace sticky card every 2 weeks or as needed.


  • Tips & Tricks

    • Ensure trap is positioned with the longest side parallel to the sill.
    • Moisten suction cups before attaching frame to window.
    • Hold sticky cards by edges to peel off release paper.
    • Ensure sticky surface faces the window.


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