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Protects pets from reaching injuries, rashes, or post surgery wounds.  Unlike traditional "lampshade" cones, the ProCollar allows pets to eat, sleep and play at ease while staying protected.

  • Does not block vision
  • Durable, lightweight, breathable fabric
  • Available in XS-XL
  • Machine washable

Buy Now $16.97 - $36.40 USD

  • About ProCollar

    About ProCollar

    The ProCollar is a premium protective collar that is designed to protect your pet from reaching injuries, rashes, or post surgery wounds.

    The ProCollar has an inflatable inner bladder made of a plastic vinyl that is inflated through a two-way air valve much like a beach ball. Once inflated, the size and thickness of the ProCollar function as a soft deterrent. The inner bladder is  protected by a pliable plastic outer jacket lined with a durable canvas material to resist bites and scratches. The ProCollar is held in place by inserting the pet's everyday collar through the the ProCollar's three inner rings. The velcro strap should be placed at the back of the neck and then adjusted for a perfect fit.

    While wearing the ProCollar, pets are able to eat, sleep and play at ease while staying protected. To prevent another animal from biting the patient's collar, simply rub with bitter apple or ammonia.

    The ProCollar is machine washable or can be washed with anti-bacterial soap and laid flat to dry. Always monitor a pet post-surgery to ensure that the collar is working properly. Some pets may be able to maneuver around any collar. 





  • Find Your Size

    Find Your Size

    The ProCollar comes in 6 sizes.  Measure the length of your pet's collar to find the right fit.  If your pet is right between two sizes, it's best to pick the larger size.


    X-Small <6" (<15 cm)
    Small 6-10" (15-25 cm)
    Medium 10-13" (25-33 cm)
    Large 13-18" (33-45 cm)
    X-Large 18-22" (45-66 cm)
    XX-Large >22" (>56 cm)
  • Replacement Parts

    Replacement Parts

    Sprung a leak? The inner bladder of the ProCollar can be replaced! To help make it easier, all replacements have FREE shipping.  

    Buy Now All sizes $8.00 USD

    Warranty Replacement?

    If you think the leak is due to a defect, give us a call and we can see about getting you a replacement bladder under warranty. Call 1.800.767.8658 and our customer service team will be happy to help you out! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the ProCollar really work?

Absolutely!  The ProCollar has been on the market for more than 10 years and we have hundreds of testimonials from happy owners on behalf of their recovering pets.  Since the ProCollar protects while maintaining visibility, comfort, and the ability to eat and drink, pets rarely fight the ProCollar as they would the “lampshade” versions.  They adapt quickly and it becomes their portable recovery pillow!

How do I clean the ProCollar?

The outer jacket of the ProCollar is machine washable.  Simply deflate, and remove the inner air bladder before washing.  Machine wash on gentle and air dry.

How do you inflate the ProCollar?

ProCollar is easy to inflate – just locate the valve on the side of the collar, pinch and blow.

How durable is the ProCollar?

The ProCollar is made from extremely durable canvas – like a backpack – and uses reinforced stitching.  It is machine washable and can be used repeatedly.

What prevents the animal from pulling it off and deflating it?

The pet’s regular collar threads through the ProCollar’s inner collar rings, holding it in place.

Why is the ProCollar better than traditional plastic (Elizabethan) collars?

The ProCollar was designed to eliminate many of the problems – discomfort, damage, poor visibility - associated with traditional protective collars.  It is comfortable, durable, and easy on furniture, walls, shins and your pet’s pride.